BASE12 Travel laptop stand
BASE12 Travel laptop stand
BASE12 Travel laptop stand
BASE12 Travel laptop stand
BASE12 Travel laptop stand

BASE12 Travel laptop stand

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★IDEAL FOR WORK AND TRAVEL - Compact, lightweight and portable at just 234g If you work while traveling or if you commute between multiple workspaces and want a stand to use both at home and at your destination, we recommend the Neutrino by Base12 Quick and easy to set up and foldaway, It's adjustable and sturdy.

★ERGONOMIC, FOLDABLE AND ADJUSTABLE - Angle adjustment options and elevates your laptop.

★QUICK AND EASY TO USE- Intuitive design makes the stand simple to operate. One easy & quick action opens and closes the stand. Switch between modes in 1 second

★HIGH STRENGTH & WEIGHT CAPACITY- It can support up to 9kg (2 to 6 times the weight of a traditional laptop or macbook). The rubber pads on the base prevent your laptop from wobbling and minimise vibration.

★UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY -The stand supports all mainstream laptops and MacBook models 11- 17.3"

Laptop users are often hunched over their laptops, which can, over time, cause stiff neck, back & shoulder pain, headaches and overall discomfort. The Neutrino travel laptop stand is helps you improve your posture, health and productivity levels. Its Ergonomic design helps correct your posture can ease pains in shoulder and waist, prevent eyestrain and even eliminate hand fatigue.

The airflow conducive design can prevent your laptop/ macbook /notebook computer /tablet from overheating.

Easy to Carry-It is foldable and lightweight, you can take it with you everywhere.

Convenient to Store-easy & quick action opens and closes the stand, and takes up very little space when closed.

With a delicate balance of structural design and engineering, the Neutrino laptop stand by Base12 shows outstanding stability. The Neutrino supports all mainstream laptops and MacBooks models.

The design gives the Neutrino unparalleled universal compatibility. With all these advantages, the Neutrino weighs only 322 grams and measures 29cm x 4.6cm x 3cm when it's folded up but it doesn't sacrifice stability.

Compatible with 11-17.3 Inch Device -Macbook, Laptops/Notebook Computers and Tablet 1.MacBook - MacBook Pro 13.3";MacBook Air 13.3"; MacBook Pro 15.4"; MacBook Pro 15.4";MacBook 12"; MacBook Air 11" 2.Laptops with Screen 11" up to 17.3" - iMac; iPad; Microsoft Surface Pro; HP; Sony; Dell; Samsung; Lenovo; Galaxy Tab; ThinkPad; Toshiba; Acer; Chrome, , Asus, Alienware, Gateway. 3.Tablet with Screen 11-inch up to 17.3 Inch